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Anno 1633, The Great Von Deer was born. 1666 is the year The Great Von Deer rise and die. After that, during centuries he remained asleep, but awake by the sound of a band, he then began to control that band and named it The Von Deer Skulls.

Then now... The Von Deer Skulls become a french based (& often masked) Post Doom Metal band with strange origins. The members come from France, Germany and Canada. Formed at the very end of October 2013, they work with a visual artist Peter Skull who brings the band in a decadent and visual universe.

Between 2013 and 2015 they have released their first video-clip as a prequel of their sound, with the song "Bitches Of The Wood". Then they have fix some ideas on an experimental Lo-Fi 9 tracks E.P.: It's Time To Paralyze. After they released some remix and live songs on two E.P. (The Damned Chapter & It's Time To Remixyze ), and some covers of Tool and Marilyn Manson as singles, with videos.

Since the end of 2015 they've worked, during one year off the lights to do that well, on their new LP The Rest Is Silence. The recording process was made between the Night Lights Studio and the Y Prod Studio. Written by Peter Skull in the shadow of autumn and winter 2015, it was arranged by the band during early 2016 and then produced the rest of the year.

Out since the 31st of October 2016, the band prepare during 2017 the new tour for 2018 and new things to come in 2019. The band was on hiatus since, but have start working on new materials in 2021/2022.



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